About TAC

About TAC

Company Description

TAC Services LLC is an energy management and conservation company that specializes in solar installation and HVAC in Texas. TAC Services was founded in 2015 by President Danny de la Torre after 20 plus years in the energy efficiency and renewable energy field. The company began by serving the Dallas Fort Worth area and has quickly become one of the most reliable and efficient installers for the state of Texas.

TAC Services's team has installed solar projects for the past ten years and continuing to grow and thrive, expanding its reach to projects outside of Texas and the United States. Our approach is to offer both a professional and personal experience for our customers, as TAC's expert project management team works with home and business owners to survey, design, permit and install the most beneficial product for their needs. TAC works hand in hand with reputable solar sales and financing partners that make solar power a reality for customers searching for quality and affordable energy solutions.

TAC Services' management and installation teams are among the most experienced in the country. The company's President, Danny de la Torre, has worked in the solar industry for over 9 years and the HVAC industry for 21 years. His resume includes working for reputable providers in the energy conservation and solar industry such as Standard Renewable Energy and Circular Energy. After years of managing sales and installation teams in the industry, Danny has taken his experience to found TAC Services.
Danny | email: danny@tac-solar.com

Executive Vice President of Operations William Stern attended Indiana State and Indiana University where he studied Public and Environmental Affairs. He has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the construction industry, as well as solar sales and installation. This experience comes from being a former HERS, BPI, and IECC Inspector, as well as running crews as a foreman and serving as operations manager in several landscaping, energy management, foundation and restoration companies. William has worked for several energy efficiency sales and installation companies such as Quality Conservation Services, Standard Renewable Energy and Circular Energy before working with Danny to launch TAC Solar.
Bill | email: bill@tac-solar.com

Senior Project Engineer Brandon de la Torre has been designing HVAC and solar projects since 2006. Prior to working with TAC Solar he worked in sales, installation, and design and engineering for Standard Renewable Energy before becoming a Project Engineer for Circular Energy. Currently he has designed well over 300 projects for solar customers in Texas. Brandon is knowledgeable in not only design, but has an expert understanding of HVAC applications and solar equipment. He strives to ensure that the projects he designs include the correct equipment and materials for the home or business structure as well as choosing the most cost efficient quality options for the customers' needs and budget.
Brandon | email: brandon@tac-solar.com